Honeychop Garlic Chaff 12.5kg ID.47397
Honeychop Garlic Chaff 12.5kg

Ref: 47397


Honeychop Plus Garlic
Honeychop Plus Garlic is a lightly molassed oat straw chaff that contains enough garlic in a 1kg per day serving to eliminate buying extra supplements.
Packed in 12.5kg recyclable bags and made with only the finest Conservation Grade oat straw, containing 30 grams of garlic per kg. Feeding just 1kg per day is the equivalent to the recommended daily amount of garlic for a 500kg horse making further garlic supplements un-necessary.
It is also ideal for keeping flies away in the summer months or to mix with supplements or medications as the strong aroma can mask unpalatable smells and flavours.
Garlic is believed to be one of the most effective natural healing substances in the world and is used by many horse and pony owners as a regular equine feed supplement. Over the years garlic has been shown to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. As well as being rich in sulphur, which is recognised as having blood cleansing properties, it has also been used to aid circulation.
Honeychop Plus Garlic also contains salt and limestone flour for added minerals.
Limestone Flour is a calcium supplement for horses, which is vital for healthy growth, strong bones, teeth and hooves.
Salt is an essential mineral required by a horse to function normally; a lack of salt can cause loss of performance. Honeychop contains salt at a rate of 25grams per Kg which is the recommended amount for an average horse in light work in a moderate climate.
As with any new feed introduce gradually and make sure your horse or pony has access to plenty of clean fresh water.
•Made from only high fibre oat straw
•Enough garlic in a 1kg per day serving to eliminate the need for extra supplements
•Ideal to keep flies at bay during the summer months
•Its strong aroma will mask unpalatable smells and flavours of any medication
•Contains salt and limestone flour
•Promotes good digestion and increases chewing time
•Keeps your horse occupied for longer