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Weight Control Chicken & Rice 12.5kg

Weight Control Chicken & Rice 12.5kg

Ref: 20416


27.74 (Inc VAT )

Our scrummy Weight Control recipe has been specially formulated to help your dog reach his optimum weight, without having to deny himself the enjoyment of tucking in to a yummy dinner!
Perfect for less active dogs or pooches prone to putting on a few pounds, Bakers Complete® Weight Control should be used as part of a weight loss or control programme. So now your dog can still enjoy the doggylicious Bakers taste he loves, without worrying about his figure!
•Fibre- for good digestion & iron for healthy blood
•Protein- high quality protein sources to help maintain muscle strength
•Vitamin D and minerals- for healthy teeth & strong bones
•Energy– packed with carbohydrate-rich cereals for energy
•Omega 3 & 6- fatty acids to support healthy skin & a glossy coat
•30% lower in fat*

*compared to standard adult recipe

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