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Nettex Mineral Boost 450g

Nettex Mineral Boost 450g

Ref: 41961

MPN: 4389


Total Poultry Solutions Mineral Powder is a complete nutritional diet, ideal for a complete laying hen and resulting in faster moults, good egg quality and healthier, stronger birds.
This nutritionally advanced mineral supplement contains high levels of limestone and oyster grit to increase calcium consumption and form strong and sturdy eggshells. Phosphorous is added to help the birds metabolize calcium.

Total Poultry Solutions incorporates probiotics (Saccaromyces cerevisiae) that are high in quality proteins and contain a wide ratio of the amino acids and B vitamins that stimulate extra immune protection and improve all-round condition and performance.
Total Poultry Solutions has added Seaweed and pro-biotics to:
• Increase and improve the quality of eggshell strength
• Improve yolk colour and increase egg laying
• Improve feed conversion and absorption of nutrients (seaweed is rich in Vitamins A, D and Iodine)
• Help improve feed conversion and live weight gain.
• Mount higher immune responses and, as a result, be better protected against disease-causing microbes later in life

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