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Stubbs S455 Black Manure Collector

Stubbs S455 Black Manure Collector

Ref: 15014

MPN: S455

23.80 (Inc VAT )

A really easy method of collecting droppings in the stable, yard and at shows. Also frequently used in the paddock backed up with a barrow. Smart STUBBYTHENE moulding in Black, Blue, Green, Purple and Pink. With superior STUBBS Scraper Rake as standard. This consists of a scraper on the back of our original rake - for horses and dogs. Excellent for shavings, wet bedding and on concrete/rubber floors or grass. Bright zinc plated one piece construction. Collector and rake can be purchased separately. Also available in a high version - see S4585. Please note that these images show our High Stable Mate.

Height 58 cm
Width 36 cm
Weight 1.5 kg
Depth 32cm

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