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Stihl MH445.0 Tiller

Stihl MH445.0 Tiller

Ref: 80766

Model:6241 011 3904

The STIHL tiller MH 445 is ideal for use on confined plots of land and small flower beds. Compact dimensions and a standard width of 45 cm ensure a high degree of manoeuvrability while working. The working width can be reduced to 25 cm to plough particularly narrow rows. The powerful, durable petrol engine helps you make quick and easy work of turning the soil. The blades dig into the ground, break up clods of earth and mix the soil with an optimised burrowing action. The height-adjustable brake spur guarantees precision control.

679.00 (Inc VAT )

Stihl MH445.0R Tiller

Stihl MH445.0R Tiller

Ref: 80767

Model:6241 011 3913

You can even manoeuvre the STIHL tiller MH 445 R comfortably when working in confined areas. In addition to a compact design and balanced centre of gravity, the reverse gear makes it easier for you to manoeuvre and change your direction of travel. The powerful petrol engine makes tilling the soil an effortless task.

699.00 (Inc VAT )

Stihl MH585.0 Tiller

Stihl MH585.0 Tiller

Ref: 80768

Model:6241 011 3928

The STIHL tiller MH 585 is a versatile multi-purpose machine ideal for medium-sized plots of land and larger garden patches. The engine is powerful enough to turn over firm ground efficiently. This tiller is perfect for creating new gardens and flower beds as well as preparing seed beds for vegetable crops. In order to tend crops positioned more closely together with greater efficiency and care, you can divide the hoe set on the MH 585. This reduces the working width to 60 cm. Equipment features such as the integrated anti-vibration system, central handlebar adjustment feature for adapting the machine to your body height and reverse gear make working much easier. The equipment allows the tiller to effortlessly manoeuvre, change direction or navigate around obstacles. The low centre of gravity also contributes to effortless handling of the machine. The machine features folding wheels and an adjustable handlebar that allow effortless and space-saving storage of the tiller.

799.00 (Inc VAT )

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