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Stihl EXPERT Helmet Set

Stihl EXPERT Helmet Set

Ref: 68029

MPN: 0000 884 2402


Upgraded helmet set with adjustable ratchet and V5 visor system. Good ventilation and noise reduction. With UV indicator. EN 352, EN 397, EN 1731.
{Technical Data}
Technical data

Ear protection SNR 28 (H:35. M:26.L:16)
Sound level dBA 108
Helmet material ABS (G 3.000)
Inner fittings 4-Point
Light penetration % 55
Weight g 581
{Standard Features}
Helmet ventilation
Thermography shows the advantages of a helmet with standard ventilation (right). The temperature fell by two to three degrees and the humidity increased by 50%.
Nylon mesh
Flexible nylon mesh is the most widely used face mask, displaying higher durability and reducing the risk of breakage. Please note that the additional use of safety glasses is highly recommended.
The top part of the helmet can be removed in a few simple steps, and it can be worn on both sides. This is particularly handy for specialist use, such as in arboriculture.
UV Indicator
This takes the form of a bright red dot on the top of the helmet. The red colour will gradually fade over time, disappearing in quarters like a clock when it is exposed to UV light. The whole dot will eventually turn completely white indicating that it is time to replace your helmet.

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