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Stihl ADVANCE X-Light Trousers

Stihl ADVANCE X-Light Trousers

Ref: 75381Main

MPN: 0088 342 0748

165.00 (Inc VAT )

Made from ultra-light, extremely breathable AVERTIC™ pro lite cut protection material (EN 381-5) developed exclusively for STIHL. These chainsaw protective trousers are made up of six layers and are the lightest trousers in the ADVANCE series. Black, ventilation fabric on the back of the leg make these trousers perfect for hot days, full elasticated crotch with ProElast, closable pockets and reflective areas for better visibility. KWF Utility Value test pending.
{Technical data}
Weight kg 1) 1
Cut protection layers 6
UV protection factor 40+
{Standard features}
Cut protection - Design A

Cut protection areas to EN 381 Design A. The red marked areas show where blocking material is located to protect the body parts behind.


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