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Advance X-Flex Design C Trousers

Advance X-Flex Design C Trousers

Ref: 65956Main

MPN: 0088 342 0056

240.00 (Inc VAT )

Stihl Advance X-FLEX Type C All-round Protection
Theses light yet extremely robust chain saw trousers are perfect for general forestry work.

Made from ultralight, extremely breathable AVERYIC pro lite cut-protection material. Developed exclusively for STIHL. Black and high visibility orange colour, special crotch construction for freedom of movement, extraordinarily robust outer fabric, elastic and breathable, elasticated and waterproof knee protection, thorn and water resistance in the lower leg area, dirt resistant, long ventilation zippers on the back of the legs.
{Standard Features}
•Chainsaw protection to EN 381-5, Class 1
•Outer Fabric: 89% Polyester, 11% Elastane
•Cut Protection Layers: 6
•Total Weight: 1.3kg (Size Medium) approx.
•Robust Nature of Outer Fabric: +++
•Water Repellent: +++

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