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Snapper ESXDUC82 Utility Cart 82v

Snapper ESXDUC82 Utility Cart 82v

Ref: 80789

MPN: 1696884

449.00 (Inc VAT )

A self propelled cart that helps you moving heavy supplies and materials and includes a lift assistance that allows unloading with ease. Equipped with unique foldable drawbar which gives you the possibility to use this utility cart behind your tractor.

Base Unit only No batteries or Charger
High loading capacity of 100 kg/106 L
Easy-to-control variable speed
2 forward speeds and reverse
Lift assistance for easy unloading
300 watt brushless engine
Unique foldable hitchpoint, to be used as a cart behind your tractor
Requires battery and charger
Model Number ESXDCU82
Brand Snapper
Product type Utility Cart
Engine Type High-efficiency brushless battery powered motor
Battery Type 2Ah or 4Ah Battery
Battery Power 164 Wh or 328 Wh
Battery Run Time
Weight 20Kg
Warranty 5 year Domestic

Battery Type

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