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Aluminium Magnum 148 6mm Polycarbonate

Aluminium Magnum 148 6mm Polycarbonate

Ref: 65438

MPN: 70904

1,249.00 (Inc VAT )

The Magnum range is perfect for the keen gardener requiring a large growing area, with the largest model affording 11.5 m2. There is also extra height and increased accessibility, with additional height at the eaves, and double doors as standard. They incorporate integral guttering and easy clip–in glazing, cast joints at both ridge and eaves, together with a box-section ridge, while ventilation is via four roof vents.

Length: 4.46m

Width: 2.57m

Diagonal Width: 1m

Eaves height: 1.48m

Ridge height: 2.58m

Roof vents: 4

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