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Ref: 65826

MPN: 4784 012 4402

160.00 (Inc VAT )

The STIHL wet and dry vacuum cleaners clean right down into the tightest corners, not only in the home, but also in the work place, and in the professional cleaning of buildings. You will easily achieve an amazingly clean result, thanks to the wet and dry vacuum cleaners' strong suction and convenient operation. {Standard Features}
Multiple filter system
The combination of the filter bag and the main filter provides an even higher degree of results.
Vacuum hose holder
Practical storage of the whole vacuum cleaner, including fixing the floor nozzle to the unit with a 2-point attachment.
Accessory holder
With the integrated accessory holder, the accessories such as a suction pipe, universal nozzle and joint nozzle are always easy to access and stored away tidily.
Blow function
The practical blow function increases the application area of the vacuum. Wherever suction is not possible or advisable, cleaning can be done by simply changing the vacuum hose. To change to the blowing function, you simply insert the vacuum hose into the opening on the back of the cleaner.
Universal nozzle
For various cleaning tasks. (similar to illustration)
Vario floor nozzle
Designed for vacumming smooth surfaces and carpets.
{Technical data}
Max. vacuum mbar 210
Suction flow l/min 3.600
Container volume l 20
Mains voltage V/Hz 220-240/1~/50
Max. power consumption W 1.400
Weight kg 1) 7.5
Sound pressure level dB(A) 2) 70.9
Suction hose length m 2.5
Hose diameter mm 32

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