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SCH TRCL Collector /Trailer

SCH TRCL Collector /Trailer

Ref: 15274


2,852.40 (Inc VAT )

{Details and Specification}

This large capacity trailer has been devolped by SCH to tow behind tractors having the description known as 'twin cut'.

These tractors have a centre rear discharge blowing the cut grass/leaves into a limited size collection hopper. Frequent emptying is extremely time-consuming and frustrating.

The TRCL greatly increases the collecting capacity and therefore larger areas are collected in one fill, quicker, time saving and a great cost saving in labour.

The powerful motorised fan unit mounted on the front of the TRCL sucks up the green waste from the cutter deck and propels it into the trailer. The trailer has a low centre of gravity, which makes it extremely stable on hilly ground. A deflector plate on the discharge shoot is adjustable for even loading of different kinds of material. The trailer having a low centre of gravity is not able to be tipped for emptying, however a web strap anchored at one end, when pulled removes most of the waste from the TRCL via a large rear hinged tail gate. Wide profile pneumatic wheels greatly reduce wheel markings on soft ground. The TRCL can also be used on level tarmac and gravel surfaces.


Cage Size
Width 890mm (35")
Height 1120mm (44")
Length 1580mm (62")

Overall Length 3050mm (120"")
Blower Diameter 530mm (21")
Engine Size Honda 5.5Hp
Suction/delivery hose 200mm (8")

Side discharge cutter decks can be fitted with a 'boot' to accept the collection hose.


Special Build Only - please call us for details.

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