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SCH TCT Utility/Fenn Trailer 48" X 36"

SCH TCT Utility/Fenn Trailer 48

Ref: 76071


672.00 (Inc VAT )

{Details}The Fenn Trailer has been especially designed for use by gamekeepers and ghillies for the purpose of animal retrieval. The mesh chassis means that the trailer is both strong and light, and very easy to clean down. It's low profile low ground pressure wheels makes transport over uneven or boggy ground possible. The chassis/mesh may be galvanised as an optional extra.

Other sizes and specifications can be built as required.
Overall length 2210mm (87")
Body width: : 915mm (36”)
Body length : 1220mm (48”)
Wheels, 20x10x8 pnuematic
Carrying capacity 500kgs (10cwt)
{Optional extras;}
Loading ramp, winch, galvanising.

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