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SCH TBS300 Towed Broadcaster 300L

SCH TBS300 Towed Broadcaster 300L

Ref: 15243


2,470.80 (Inc VAT )

Product Ref: TBS300

This is a large capacity broadcaster/spreader with a robust plastic hopper. The machine is mounted on two pneumatic wheels, and is especially useful for spreading road salt/fertiliser over large areas. A heavy duty sieve is fixed into the hopper, and a powerful agitator keeps the salt/fertiliser flowing freely.

A guard is fitted around the spreading rotor to restrict the radius of spread.

The drive mechanism can be disengaged to allow the unit to be towed to the spreading area. A ball or towing clevis can be fitted as required.


Hopper Capacity 400kg max. (880 lbs)
Spread width (No Guard) 6 - 18 mtrs
Overall width 1500mm (60")
Weight 129kg unladen (285 lbs)

Max load: 400kg

We recommend salt BS3247-1991 to be used.

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