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SCH SR2 Scarifying Rake 60"

SCH SR2 Scarifying Rake 60

Ref: 15329


523.20 (Inc VAT )


The scarifying rake is designed to remove dead and matted grass from pasture land, paddocks and rough grassed areas. The rake may also be used for combing through most horse manéges, freshening up large drives and gravelled areas, etc. With the transport wheels removed and turning the rake upside down it becomes a useful tool for levelling seed beds, mole hills, etc. The rake is transported in the upside down position on the two wide profile wheels supplied with each rake.

New for Gravel Drive Maintenance
The tow bar on the SR2 has been redesigned so that the rake will tow in an angled position. A side blade is fitted to pull gravel in from the side which has been pushed to the edge.{Specification}Number of tines: 2 rows of 10 tines (staggered)
Working width: 1500mm (60")
Overall width: 1750mm (70")

Weight 30kg

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