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SCH RR3 Rotary Raker 30"

SCH RR3 Rotary Raker 30

Ref: 15328


2,824.80 (Inc VAT )

{Details and Specification}

By teasing out the thatch and moss from your lawn you will make it more resistant to drought, insects and disease problems. By removing this layer of thatch the grassed area will regenerate naturally and will become more receptive to fertilisers and other pests and disease control products. The SCH rotary raker with its powerful 5.5Hp Honda petrol engine and twin 'v' belt drive rotates four rows of free floating scarifying blades which carry out the vital dethatching process.

For areas that are inaccessible to the garden tractor the unit can be manually operated with easy attachable handle which is provided with the machine.
Depth control adjustable
Removes thatch and moss
760mm (30") working width
Mounted on four heavy duty cushioned wheels
5.5hp Honda petrol engine
Twin 'V' belt drive
Positive on/off control to the rotor
Four rows of free floating blades
British built - all steel welded construction
Towed or pushed

Overall width: 1150mm (45")
Video on request

Weight 115kg

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