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SCH QPTP Plastic Bodied Trailer

SCH QPTP Plastic Bodied Trailer

Ref: 44378


706.80 (Inc VAT )

{Details and Specification}
Plastic bodied tipping trailer running on wide profile wheels (20.10 x 8) mounted on ball bearing hubs. These specially mounted wide wheels are a must when operating in soft ground condition or across unfriendly terrain.

The sturdy metal chassis gives superb support to the underside of the rot proof trailer body. A manual handle is fitted as standard to assist in manoeuvering the trailer when used away from the towing vehicle ( or for hand reversing for those of us who find reversing the tractor or quad impossible ). Fitted with ball hitch as standard.

Body width 830mm (32")
Body length 1350mm (53")
Body depth 400mm (16")
Carrying Capacity 500kg (10cwt)
Overall Width 1150mm (45")
Wheel size 20 x 10.8 with bearings

Weight 38kg

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