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SCH PTP Plast Bodied Trailer 53" X 32"

SCH PTP Plast Bodied Trailer 53

Ref: 15327


747.60 (Inc VAT )


The body being moulded from a strong commercial grade plastic means the body will stand the carting of corrosive material (animal waste etc) without causing body rot.

The trailer has a simple tipping mechanism for easy emptying. The two wide profile roller bearing pneumatic wheels help to reduce wheel marks on soft surfaces.

A manual handle is fitted as standard to assist in manoeuvering the trailer when used away from the towing vehicle.
Body width: 830mm (32")
Body length: 1350mm (53")
Body depth: 400mm (16")
Carrying Capacity: (500kg) 10cwt
Wheel size: 15/600 x 6 with bearings
Weight: 36kg

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