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SCH PBS260 3 PL B'cast Spreader 260L

SCH PBS260 3 PL B'cast Spreader 260L

Ref: 15233


1,396.80 (Inc VAT )

The broadcaster is fully mounted on a category 1 three point linkage with a capacity of up to 250 litres. The broadcaster is capable of full width spreading or may be used with right or left shut off. The conical shaped hopper allows the material to free flow onto the spinning disc. A fixed agitator is incorporated. PTO shaft is supplied with the unit. The PTO speed being 540 rpm. A deflector guard may be fitted to restrict sand and salt distribution at extra cost.

Spread width: 6-18 metres
Unladen weight: 55kg
Max load: 550kg
Height: 1070mm
Diameter: 1050mm
Overall Width: 1000mm

We recommend salt BS3247-1991 to be used.

Photo shows the unit fitted with the optional deflector guard.

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