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SCH HGPS GCS Power Sprayer Attach 40"

SCH HGPS GCS Power Sprayer Attach 40

Ref: 15289


324.00 (Inc VAT )

{Details and Specification}
This unit must be used in conjuction with the Heavy Duty Carrier Frame.

The sprayer attachment clips onto the carrier frame. The chemical is carried in the two 25 litre containers supplied with the sprayer. The 12 volt power sprayer pump is powered from the tractor battery. The sprayer is ideal for applying fertiliser and/or weed killers to grassed areas. A brass lance is supplied with a wedge nozzle giving 915cm (36")

A three nozzle boom spray is supplied with this sprayer.

Manual Spraying - the trigger lance is ideal for spraying insecticides on fruit trees, shrubs and roses, it can also be used for spraying herbicides onto nettles, docks etc.

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