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SCH GT/GALV Galv Tip Dump Trailer 10cwt

SCH GT/GALV Galv Tip Dump Trailer 10cwt

Ref: 15179


632.40 (Inc VAT )


This large capacity 500kg (10cwt) metal bodied dump trailer will transport your bulky loads of leaves, grasscuttings, logs, compost etc. with ease.

The tailgate is removable to make emptying when tipped a simple task.
Carrying Capactiy 500kg (10cwt)
Cubic Capacity 33 cubic feet
Depth of body 660mm (26")
Width of body 860mm (34")
Overall width 1040mm (41")
Lenth of body 1244mm (49")
Tipping mechanisim Positive spring bolt action
Wheel size Wide profile 16/650 x 8 pneumatic with bearings

Weight 84kg

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