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SCH GDTT Steel Tipping Trailer 10cwt

SCH GDTT Steel Tipping Trailer 10cwt

Ref: 15254


429.60 (Inc VAT )


A special feature of this metal bodied tipping trailer is its wide profile wheels which come complete with bearings to prolong their life. The wide wheels mean that "track marks" are kept to a minimum. A manual push/pull handle is fitted to all SCH dump trailers (excluding DTSB) to make them easy to manoeuvre when used away from the tractor. The manual handle is a must for those of us who find reversing difficult or even impossible.
Please note: picture shows extension sides fitted, they are available as an add on.


Carrying capacity 500kg (10cwt)
Depth of body 380mm (15")
Width of body 860mm (34")
Length of body 1244mm (49")
Overall width 955mm (38")
Wheel size Pneumatic 15/600 x 6 (with bearings)
Tipping mechanism Positive spring bolt action

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