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SCH EWC(E) 4 Whl Water Trailer 900L

SCH EWC(E) 4 Whl Water Trailer 900L

Ref: 15239


1,920.00 (Inc VAT )


Suitable for tractors of 30hp or above.

The caged tank is secured to a flatbed trolley with the pump unit mounted seperately on the front of the unit.

When the unit is not required for watering the tank can be removed to give a useful 4 wheel trolley.
Capacity: 900 Ltrs (200 Gallons)
Pumps: 12 volt electric powered from the tractor battery or from an independant rechargable battery
Flow rate:18 Ltrs (4 gallons) per minute
Hose: 6m (20') 3/4" heavy duty hose
Hand lance with on/off control
Chassis & Wheels: double axle flat bed trolley. Pneumatic, wide profile,5.00-8
Length: 2500mm including tow bar
Height: 1600mm
Width: 1430mm
Weight; Empty, approx 190kg
Clevis hitch as standard, optional 50mm ball hitch available

NB: Photograph shows the petrol version of this product.

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