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SCH DTC GCS Dethatcher Attachment 40"

SCH DTC GCS Dethatcher Attachment 40

Ref: 15237


265.20 (Inc VAT )

{Details and Specification}

This unit must be used in conjuction with the Heavy Duty Carrier Frame.

The carrier frame fitted with the heavy duty dethatcher. Comprises of two rows of staggered shock coiled tines which will tease out heavily matted grass and encourage tillering during the growing season. The DTC can also be used to "freshen up" gravel drives, paths and horse arenas. The two 25 litre ballast containers supplied with the carrying frame, can be used for extra weight if required. The transport wheels make transportation from the place of storage to the work area an easy operation.

Working width: 1020mm (40")
Water ballasted: 90kg

Replacement tines (Ref: TSC)

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