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SCH DHTC PTCS Hollow Tine Corer 48"

SCH DHTC PTCS Hollow Tine Corer 48

Ref: 76084


1,443.60 (Inc VAT )

{Details and Specification}For use with the carrying frame Ref DMF

This hollow tine corer bolts onto the carrying frame in the same way as the aerator or slitter. The revolving discs fitted with hollow spoon tines delve into the turf surface to remove, on average, a 75mm (3") core. Removing cores from turfed areas allows air and water to have direct access to the root system; if lawn sand is applied the core holes will fill with sand to give the maximum advantage to the root system.

The rear roller is lifted out of work for this operation.

Working width 1500mm (60")
Main shaft bearings 50mm
Maximum core depth 75mm (3")

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