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SCH DCRCA SSM Chemical Applicator Attach

SCH DCRCA SSM Chemical Applicator Attach

Ref: 76102


552.00 (Inc VAT )

{Details and Specification}The DCRCA is a chemical applicator which can be fitted to the De-compaction Rake to apply required chemicals to long fibre synthetic sports surfaces of which 3G is the most common at this time. The chemical is applied by a dribble/drip bar mouted in front of the row of scarifying tines. The object is to apply the chemical and then the tines will open up the surface to allow it to reach the required areas. Flow rates can be adjusted to suit the required application rate. Power to the pump is supplied from the towing unit. An independednt battery may be fitted if required.

Tank capacity: 70 litres

Photograph shows unit fitted to DCR.

Weight 60kg

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