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SCH BT1 Bin Trailer 72" X 48"

SCH BT1 Bin Trailer 72

Ref: 76069


1,033.20 (Inc VAT )

Our bin trailer is used on many sites where waste bins have to be collected and transported to a central disposal point.

Caravan parks, zoos, and public areas are among the many users.

Bin trailers are manufactured to the customers own requirements.

The trailer illustrated was constructed for a marina and is being towed by a fork lift truck.

Galvanised finish can be supplied in lieu of our standard paint finish.
Carrying capacity 500kg (10cwt)
Overall Width 1400mm (55")
Overall length 1100MM (43")
Tailgate length 870mm (34")
Wheels 16/650 x 8

Optional extras include a Jockey wheel and winch, as shown on the photograph.

NB The trailer illustrated is for off road or slow tow use only.

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