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SCH 4MPS/125 Mounted Sprayer 125L

SCH 4MPS/125 Mounted Sprayer 125L

Ref: 44373

MPN: 4MPS/125

1,123.20 (Inc VAT )

This very versatile three point linkage (Category 1) sprayer has an integral 12 volt diaphragm pump powered from the tractor battery. The sprayer illustrated has a capacity 125 litre and is supplied with a 4 nozzle spray boom and hand lance.

The lance is ideal for spot application of weed killers to nettles and docks. The hand lance and boom are easily changed over by means of quick release couplings.

All mounted sprayers are supplied with a 5 litre fresh water washing bottle.
Tank capacity 125lts (27 gallons)
Spray width 2440mm (96")
Pump delivery (open flow) 7l/min
Dry weight (approx) 18kg
Full weight (approx) 150kg

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