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SCH 3WCH6 Chain Harrow 72" X 90"

SCH 3WCH6 Chain Harrow 72

Ref: 15326


566.40 (Inc VAT )

{Details}These chain harrows, by design are easier to pull than conventional chain harrows. The major feature of these chain harrows is that they can be pulled in three different directions to suit the desired effect. The tines of the harrow protude more if pulled in one direction creating an aggressive application. If the tow bar is changed to the other end of the chain harrow, the tines protrude less, creating a passive application. The harrow can also be turned upside down for levelling grassed areas.

Working width: 1880mm (74")
Working length: 1500mm (60")
Weight: 46kg

All measurements are of the web, not the pulling bar.

The standard ring fits over a 50mm ball hitch, optional ball hitch can be fitted.

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