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SCH 3ASR2 SSM 3-Lnk Grooming Rake 71"

SCH 3ASR2 SSM 3-Lnk Grooming Rake 71

Ref: 76106


967.20 (Inc VAT )

{Details and Specification}
The three point linkage mounted rake is designed for grooming of areas of sand filled playing surfaces.

Two rows of staggered spring tines tease through the playing surface to remove compaciton and aid drainage.

A tray is incorporated so that weight may be added to aid penetration on heavily compacted surfaces. The trailing brush then levels and grooms the play area, leaving it ready for many hours of hard use.

The rows of tines are removable individually, meaning that you can adapt the unit to suit your requirments - eg., both rows of tines could be removed so that the brush only is in operation.

The unit has a1800mm (71") working width, but other widths are available on request. Just call or email.

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