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Pro-Gro HST Half Seed Tray

Pro-Gro HST Half Seed Tray

Ref: 17524


0.25 (Inc VAT )

Lightweight black plastic seed trays are the easiest way to start off growing your own vegetables, flowers and plants. These half sized seed starting trays will take a small packet of seeds.

Simply fill with your chosen compost, moisten the soil then place your seeds according to the instructions on the seed packet. These plastic seed trays should then be placed on a mat, or drip tray as they do have drainage holes in the bottom of the tray. To increase the humidity and germination of your seeds you can place a clear plastic seed tray lid (available to buy separately) over the seed tray.

These half seed trays have a plastic rim to give added strength to the trays. They are strong enough to be used again and again with care. Simply wash out with a strong brush after use and allow to dry before using the small seed tray again.

Each of these small seed trays comes complete with two levels of drainage holes to ensure against blockages.

Each half seed tray measures 230 x 176 x 50mm.

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