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Nettex Poultry Nutri-Drops 30ml

Nettex Poultry Nutri-Drops 30ml

Ref: 12610

MPN: FG04500


Poultry Nutri-Drops provide a nutritional advantage for weak and lethargic birds - results can be seen in just 30 minutes!
Poultry Nutri-Drops is a unique energy-boosting supplement that works via patented technology exclusive to Net-Tex. It delivers nutrients directly into the bloodstream, an effect that can be measured within 10 minutes. Within 30 minutes 50% of energy and nutrients are absorbed with 99% utilisation. This means a lethargic or weak bird will soon be thriving even during periods of heavy stress.
Poultry Nutri-Drops is the 'wonder' energy supplement that:
• Provides an instant energy source for sluggish birds (sick, weak or lethargic birds will be transformed in just 30 minutes)
• Helps boost the immune system and vitamin levels during periods of environmental stress e.g. when feed intake is depressed at high temperatures
• Helps maintain peak production at times when maximum stamina and energy are required
• Reduces the effects of stress during vaccination, handling and following anti-biotic treatment when feed absorption can be disrupted
• Increases appetite and greater feed conversion
• Aids in the preparation for onset of lay
• Aids in disease recovery

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