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Pedigree CI Jelly Pouch Adult Real Meal 100g (24)

Pedigree CI Jelly Pouch Adult Real Meal 100g (24)

Ref: 73108


7.79 (Inc VAT )

{Description:} Pedigree Pouch Adult Real Meals In Jelly 24pk
{Details:} Pedigree Pouch Real Meals
Gently cooked to retain more natural vitamins, without artificial colourings or preservatives.
Each pouch is specially formulated for the needs of your adult dog to help keep him in peak condition every day, including;
• Special Oils for healthy skin and coat
• Selected natural fibres for gut health
• Vitamin E and minerals for natural defences
More convenience: to release all the goodness, simply unzip the easy-to-open pouch and serve immediately: no mess, no can openers or serving spoons required.

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