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P&G Bold Lavender & Camomile 110 Wash

P&G Bold Lavender & Camomile 110 Wash

Ref: 31815


23.99 (Inc VAT )

Bold 2in1, detergent + fabric softener, provides you with great cleaning, softness and freshness, all in 1 product. And thanks to its great long lasting scent technology, you can enjoy gorgeous scents all day long Bold 2in1 contains perfume micro bubbles that attach themselves the fibres of your clothes, keeping the lovely fragrance inside them until the clothes are worn.

Choose from our range of beautiful fragrances created by our perfurmers to experience the simple pleasure of Bold 2in1 freshness & softness all day, every day.

Use together with Lenor Fabric Conditioners for an extra boost of softness and freshness. And if you really are crazy about scent, then we recommend trying Lenor Unstoppables on top of your favourite Bold 2in1 for up to 12 weeks of boosted freshness in storage And for those very stubborn stains, why not try Ariel Stain Remover?

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