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Nettex Whole Colostrum For Calves 228g

Nettex  Whole Colostrum For Calves 228g

Ref: 74783

MPN: FG00482


Whole Colostrum for Calves
{Description}Premium, high energy colostrum for calves with additional bovine proteins to provide an energy and protein boost when insufficient maternal colostrum is available.

Sourced from EBL, IBR and Johne’s disease-free herds, Whole Colostrum for Calves mimics cow colostrum as closely as possible.
•Calves are born with no circulating antibodies leaving them vulnerable to infection and disease
•Calves rely on the intake of high quality colostrum from the dam to provide them with the protection they need
•Heifers can produce low quality colostrum as can cows who come into a lot of milk (antibodies are effectively diluted)
•Whole Colostrum for Calves can provide a range of nutrients essential for survival

Contains: Concentrated bovine colostrum, whey protein powder, coconut oil, hydrolysed wheat protein, egg protein, vitamins and minerals.
Makes: 1 litre feed

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