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Nettex Summer Freedom (Itch Stop) Salve 300ml

Nettex Summer Freedom (Itch Stop) Salve 300ml

Ref: 79338

MPN: FG04249

17.99 (Inc VAT )


Nettex Itch Stop Salve / Summer Freedom is an advanced cream which helps repel and protect against insects and biting flies. This patented formulation is used successfully in over 20 countries worldwide every year.

Preventative strategies are the key to itch control
Use early in the year before the season starts with a once weekly application
Soothes, sanitises and disinfects existing sores helping to break the itch, scratch and rub cycle
Repels against new bites and promotes hair regrowth
Weather resistant, simple to apply and will not matt the horse’s hair
600ml tub can last for up to 6 to 8 weeks
Can be applied around sensitive areas such as eyes, ears, sheath and teats
{Key ingredients:} NN- Diethyl-M-Tolumide 2.45%, Margosa extract 2.0%, Eucalyptus citriodora, hydrated, cyclized 0.64%.

{Directions for use:} Ensure coat is clean and free of dirt and scurf before application. Apply with a sponge to mane, tail and effected areas and massage in. Only needs to be applied every 7 days. If itching has already started, it may need to be applied daily to get the condition under control and break the scratch and rub cycle. Not recommended to use under fly rugs or face masks as may cause irritation.

{Tip:} For best results, pre wash with Nettex Everyday Conditioning Shampoo to thoroughly cleanse the area before application. Then repeat every 10 -14 days to remove the build-up of dirt and debris.

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