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Nettex Ram Harness Leather Anti-chaf

Nettex Ram Harness Leather Anti-chaf

Ref: 80115

MPN: FG00606

28.50 (Inc VAT )

Ram Harnesses
Four styles of extremely high quality ram harnesses

Sure sired Ram Harnesses are British manufactured by Nettex
Each harness is designed to deliver strength and comfort without sharp edges that could cut of chafe
A unique crayon holder design ensures firm, secure crayon retention, and accepts most leading brands
Styles available:
1 x Pedigree cotton harness (extra padded chest strap) (Code 0957)
1 x Cotton anti-chaff (Code 0189)
1 x Leather anti-chaff (Code 0606)
1 x Nylon anti-chaff (Code 0170)

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