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Nettex Poultry Garlic Granules 350g

Nettex Poultry Garlic Granules 350g

Ref: 76216

MPN: 7030


Poultry Garlic Granules

Garlic is a natural health supporting herb that helps support improved egg production and encourages healthy appetites. Some studies have shown a reduction of cholesterol levels in eggs by the inclusion of garlic in the hen’s diet.

It can be easily added to the ration or the water to provide its benefits.

After a few weeks of continuous ingestion it may also help reduce the sulphur in the chicken’s droppings reducing the smell in the coop, improving the coop environment.

How to use

1 x 25ml scoop per 1 kg of feed mixed in well, or 1 x 25ml scoop per 4.5 litres

of water. All supplements should be introduced to the diet gradually.

Sizes | 50g | 350g | 1kg

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