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Nettex Cattle Drench 2.5L (Back Pack)

Nettex  Cattle Drench 2.5L (Back Pack)

Ref: 74789

MPN: FG03486


Cattle Drench
{Description}Packed with nutrition, Cattle Drench is a high specification vitamin and mineral drench for calves, yearlings, cows and bulls.

Specifically formulated to give cattle a nutritional boost at key times of year, Cattle Drench provides an immediately available source of glycogenic energy, vitamins, amino acids and trace elements to help support health and yield, ensuring animals are in the best condition possible.

Drench calves/yearlings to help support liveweight gains, administer to cows to help counteract calving stress and weight loss and dose bulls to help support energy, condition and fertility.

Nettex drenches all contain Collate technology.

This technology utilises a fast working energy carrier system that delivers optimum nutritional value when it is most required. Providing nutritional value into the bloodstream maximisng effect and minimising waste. This ensures weak and poor stock get a healthy start to life to provide maximum profitability.
•Forage provides a large proportion of the diet of many cattle and is often lacking in essential minerals and trace elements
•Imbalances and deficiencies of minerals and trace elements can have adverse effects on live weight gains and fertility
•Nettex cattle drench can help balance forage shortfalls and ensure adequate status

Contains: Propan 1, 2-diol, cane molasses, vitamins, amino acids and minerals

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