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Nettex Calf Nutri-Scour 5 In 1 (10X100g)

Nettex  Calf Nutri-Scour 5 In 1 (10X100g)

Ref: 73400

MPN: FG07021


For the stabilisation of water and electrolyte balance during diarrhoea.

With its two-part formula incorporating natural fibre from psyllium husks to absorb water and electrolytes to restore fluid and salt balance in the small intestine, Nutri-Scour helps restore gut health quickly.
•The result of scours in calves is inevitably dehydration
•The consequences of dehydration include reduced feed intake, a weakened immune system and in severe cases death
•Feeding Nutri-Scour at the first signs of scour will help rehydrate and prevent further scouring while supporting restoration of gut health
{Contains:} Vitamins and trace elements
Natural fibre from psyllium husks
Sodium, potassium, chloride
Pre & pro biotic
Active proteins
Helps increase the bulk of stools
Aids water absorption from the gut and the replacement of salts
Supports healthly gut re-colonisation
Help support immune status
Helps increase the number of normal stools and helps decrease the number of liquid stools
Helps support effective rehydration
Helps Support a quick return to healthy status
Helps support calf recovery

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