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Novartis Clik Pour On 0.8L PML

Novartis Clik Pour On 0.8L PML

Ref: 53597

MPN: AH201508JEL

85.20 (Inc VAT )

Clik Pour on for Sheep is used for the Prevention of blowfly strike due to Lucilia sericata on sheep and Prevention of blowfly strike due to Wohlfahrtia magnifica on sheep.

Clik Pour on for Sheep must be applied with a manual or automatic dosing gun (e.g. Novartis Pour-on gun), with a spray nozzle, which will ensure the correct spreading of the product on the fleece. Best results will be achieved by holding the gun approximately 45 cm from the sheep during application. Apply as a fan spray along the spine of the animal in a band at least 10 cm wide from the middle of the shoulders and in an arc around the crutch and tail. Half the dose should be applied along the spine with the remainder over the tail and crutch area.

CliK is administered once, before predicted Wohlfahrtia fly activity, or before or at the beginning of Lucillia fly activity. CLiK will protect against blowfly strike caused by Wohlfahrtia or Lucillia flies for 16 weeks. In individual cases, a strike may occur earlier; therefore, it is good practice to check animals regularly for blowfly strike.

Do not shear sheep in the 3 months after treatment of Clik Pour on.

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Legal category: POM-VPS
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