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Norbrook Calciject No.6 20% CMD PML

Norbrook Calciject No.6 20% CMD PML

Ref: 27321

MPN: 6

7.25 (Inc VAT )

Calciject 20 CMD
Calciject 20 CMD is a calcium, magnesium and glucose solution for injection, indicated for the treatment of hypocalcaemia complicated by deficiency of magnesium with accompanying hypoglycaemia. In the treatment of pregnancy toxaemia and other metabolic imbalances in periparturient sheep.

{Active Ingredient}
Each 400ml contains: 5.92g calcium (provided by calcium gluconate and calcium borogluconate), 1.84g magnesium (provided by magnesium hypophosphate hexahydrate) and 80g glucose as glucose monohydrate.

{Data Sheet}

NOAH Data Sheet

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