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Dog Pouch Chicken 300g (8)

Dog Pouch Chicken 300g (8)

Ref: 68488


11.90 (Inc VAT )

Chicken with Vegetables
{Description}Prepared from whole cuts of Chicken, fresh vegetables and wholegrain rice. A Complete and Balanced recipe designed to be fed as a meal on its own.
Made with a high content of real meat with no meat derivatives or meat meals. This makes for a top quality more nutritious and digestible meal for your pet.
All our pouches are filled with our top quality raw ingredients and then steam cooked once to ensure the nutrients stay within the product. This minimum processing ensures they are as close to the raw diet as possible. Many dog owners use them to support a raw diet when they are traveling or on holiday and cannot take their pets raw meals along with them.
Chicken is a delicious light meat, a firm favourite for all dogs. An easily digestible protein that contains many B vitamins and useful amounts of Iron, Zinc, Phosphorus, Selenium and Potassium.
Steam Cooked to retain nutrients
60% actual Meat, No meat derivatives
Complete and Balanced
Free from artificial colours & flavours and preservatives
Next best thing to a raw diet
Pack size 8 x 300g

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