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NM Dog Country Hunter Mighty Mixer Biscuit 700g

NM Dog Country Hunter Mighty Mixer Biscuit 700g

Ref: 68481


4.99 (Inc VAT )

Mighty Mixer
A traditional wholesome mixer for adding to your home made raw meals for dogs. Alongside a generous portion of our meat minces or meaty chunks.
Oats are an easily digestible, nutritious biscuit chosen by distinguished raw feeders internationally. Packed with B Vitamins, Manganese, Calcium and further
minerals. Oats are also well known for their hormone balancing properties and calming nutrients.

1 box Mighty Mixer
Digestible nutritious wholegrain
Perfect for adding to your dogs home-made raw meals
With anti-oxidants from seaweed, spinach and blueberries
Added Salmon oil
A traditional favourite for working dogs
Pack size 1 x 700g (Trade & Breeder limited time only)
Feed a handful portion of the oaty crunch with your dogs meal appropriate to your dogs size, appetite and lifestyle.

We recommend adding water to your dogs oaty mixer to soften it and then feeding alongside some of our quality plain minced meats, fruit and veg to make up your dogs raw meals at home.

The mixer also contains nutritious beef liver for extra vitamins

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