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NM Cat Pouch Chkn Salm & Tuna 100g(12)

NM Cat Pouch Chkn Salm & Tuna 100g(12)

Ref: 68466


9.48 (Inc VAT )

Chicken with Salmon & Tuna Cat Pouches

Natures Menu Chicken, Salmon and Tuna Cat Pouches contain a high potion of real meat, that's real cuts of chicken and real fillets of Salmon and Tuna. They contain no meat derivatives, meats meals or dried meat, no sugars and definitely no cereals! As Cats are true carnivores, we believe real meat and fish dinners suit them better.
Our cat pouches are filled with our top quality raw ingredients and then steam cooked only once to ensure the food is as natural as possible.
A complete and balanced food designed to be fed alone. Includes all important amino acids, including Taurine.
Chicken meat and Chicken Livers are rich sources of nutrients not to mention extremely palatable. Salmon is an easy to digest and rich in essential fatty acids.
Tuna is high in the calming amino acids and is also packed with healthy DHA and EPA fatty acids.

1 box of Chicken, Salmon & Tuna pouches
Steam cooked to retain nutrients
71% actual meat, No meat derivatives
Complete and Balanced
Free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives
Next best thing to a raw diet

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