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Henrys Mixed Corn (70%/30%) 20Kg

Henrys Mixed Corn (70%/30%) 20Kg

Ref: 10121

MPN: PO834

7.85 ( 1+ )
7.45 (5 +)
7.10 (20 +)

. Henry's Mixed Poultry Corn Protein 10.25% Oil 2.3% Fibre 2.5%
{Description}A quality mixture of 70% Wheat (grown in the Cotswolds) and 30% Maize (non GM) and a small amount of soya oil. The grains used in the mixture are high quality and no rejected grain is used. Henry's Mixed Poultry Corn should be used as treat and fed separately in the afternoon at approx. 20g/hd/day. To ensure that Laying birds get a nutritionally balanced diet then feed in conjunction with Henry's Natural Layers Pellets.

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