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350ST SP HLS Combo Mower 18"

350ST SP HLS Combo Mower 18

Ref: 65116

MPN: 578967

439.00 (Inc VAT )

The 350 ST SP Combo is a self propelled cut, catch and mulch machine, with a 46L plastic two-tone catcher,
Masports sturdy steel 46cm/18” deck and zone start to reduce back strain.
The quick cut swing back blade system is designed to protect the crankshaft from damage should the blade strike a solid object.
The Zone start reduces back strain.
Fitted with the NEW handle lift system making for easy catcher access and storage.
Cut, Catch and Mulch machine
B&S 140cc Engine
Steel 46cm/18” deck
Quick Cut Blade
Plastic Two-tone 46L Catcher
Single Lever Height Adjustment
Upturned Handle with Cam Locks
Self Propelled
B&S 500E Series Engine, 140cc
Steel Deck
46cm/18" Cutting Width
Plastic Catcher
Capacity 46L
Single Lever Height Adjustment
10-70mm Cutting Height
Quick Cut Blade
Dry Weight 35kg

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