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MF Pro

MF Pro

Ref: 68581

MPN: 40600

39.95 (Inc VAT )

Exposure to wet, muddy conditions during turn out and riding, can often lead to painful sores and scabs on the heels and legs. MF Pro is a uniquely formulated 3 step system designed to cleanse, relieve and protect vulnerable areas and can help to combat common winter skin conditions. {How to Use}
Step 1 Antibacterial Cleanser and Horse Care Sponge.
Step 2 Soothing Balm and Professional Leg Wrap.
Step 3 Protective Salve Barrier.
Kit contains: Comprehensive instruction booklet, Antibacterial Cleanser (250ml), Horse Care Sponge, Soothing Antibacterial and Antifungal Balm (180g), Professional Leg Wrap (150m), Protective Salve Barrier (500g)

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