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Lister Laser Clipper

Lister Laser Clipper

Ref: 79202


345.80 (Inc VAT )

Laser 2
The Laser 2 is a heavy duty durable clipper which can be purchased with an optional interchangeable sheep shearing head. This clipper is available in either a mains version or 12V version for areas with no mains electricity.
{Key Features:}
• Optional interchangeable head to convert between clipping and shearing
• Overload switch to protect the motor from damage in the event of a jam
• Washable air filters for easy maintenance
• Patented ventilated head technology to prevent the blades and head from getting hot and causing discomfort to the animal.
Weight: 1200g
Grip Diameter: 74mm
Length: 240mm
Blade Speed: 2500rpm
Available as 240, 110 or 12V

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