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Kasp K45010L170 450 Chain 10 X 1700mm

Kasp K45010L170 450 Chain 10 X 1700mm

Ref: 24548

MPN: K45010L170

64.80 (Inc VAT )

450 Series
Security Chains

A quality security chain, the 450 series features hardened steel square links with extra strong welds offering a high level of resistance to cropping and sawing. Encased in a durable fabric, reassuringly embroidered with the Kasp® logo, the 450 series cuts no corners when it comes to security.

Features & Benefits
•Hardened square section chain links -
Extra resistance to attack from bolt cutters and hacksawing.

•Fully welded links -
Extra strong resistance to pull and torsion attacks.

•Fully galvenised finish -
Extra resistance to corrosion.

•Durable fabric sleeve, permenently attached -
Protects paintwork from accidental damage.

•All 10mm chains feature an extended last link for convenient through locking.
•Padlock/Chain combinations available.

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